Sunrise Poem

The sun is setting in a world

As it rises in mine today

There they have pain of loss

Here I have a brand new day

Darkness is a memory

In this place full of light

The golden streets and friends of the past

Such a refreshing sight

They mourn for me back at home

But they don’t understand

It is but a breath of time

Til I see them again

If only I could send this vision

Back for them to see

I wouldn’t have to convince them

To be happy for me

I feel more at home than ever

As I step into this place

The feeling here is peace and love

From a Father full of grace

Fond memories are with me

Of loved ones I soon will see

Until then I hope they smile

When they think of me

Can’t wait to show them around

Next time we are together

And as the sun sets in one place

It will rise here in another