Chin Up Strong One

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It sucks to be the strong one.

You are the shoulder to cry on, the good listener, the wise counselor, the steady rock for those around you.

You serve others when you’re exhausted. You help out when everyone else has walked away. You get there early and stay late. You work when your body aches.

You smile when you want to scream. You keep a positive attitude when others are complaining. You speak faith even when you’re trembling on the inside.

You stay tough when you’re feeling weak.

You act like words don’t hurt, but cry alone.

They think you have it all together, but you know your flaws well.

They think your life is perfect, because you choose not to complain, but they don’t know all you’ve been through.

You care for everyone around you, putting your needs last, but you’ll never be enough to make everyone happy.

You try not to burden anyone, but you wish someone would care.

I see you, strong one. I know you hurt. I know you cry. I know you have a big heart. I know you’re misunderstood. I know you want to quit sometimes. I know you want to cry “help”! I know it seems like no one cares. But someone does. I care. And from one strong one to another, keep your chin up. May God’s grace be sufficient for us to press on. Our rewards are not of this earth. They aren’t material. They don’t shine. They don’t buy nice things. But they are worth more than jewels. And so are you.

God bless you, strong one.