Confessions From the Mom of an Atypical Child

Parenting the atypical child is hard. Not like “algebra” hard. Not like “piles of laundry” hard. Like childbirth hard. Like “climbing Mount Everest without a guide” hard. Just hard. All.the.time. There are so many thoughts that I have on a regular basis that I wish I could shout from a megaphone, so people could understand… Read On

6 Things You Should Know About Him (Or Her)

“I love lamp.” (Now that I have the attention of the Will Ferrell fans out there…) That’s about the extent of my conversation skills years ago. I was insecure, awkward, and a terrible conversationalist, mainly because I couldn’t get my mind off of my own self-consciousness long enough to really see the person in front… Read On

Rest Between Battles

  “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” -Matthew 11:28  Do you ever think back to your childhood and wish you would have enjoyed it more? Do you wish you could tell your eight year old self to have more fun, make more mud pies, swing… Read On

5 Health Tips That Cost Nothing and Change Everything

  Getting healthy can be extremely overwhelming, but there are a few small habits you can start today, that cost nothing and don’t require a gym membership! I am no doc, but as a registered nurse, mom of four, and pastor to many, I’ve spent my adulthood learning ways to help myself, and others, get… Read On

Own Your Marriage

Before we owned our home, we rented it for three years. During that time, we didn’t do many upgrades. We weren’t too interested in investing in a place that wasn’t permanent. We dreamed of owning our own home, but because we weren’t sure how long we would be in this one, we didn’t care for… Read On

Parenting- The Ugly Truth

Yesterday I heard the horrible news of a little two year old girl in our town who was beaten unconscious by her parents. The story broke my heart. I wished I could go to that little girl, hug her, and love on her like her mother should have. But there was nothing I could do.… Read On

A Conversation with God

It’s me again God. I need you. I’m discouraged. I’m tired. I need to hear from you.   I’m here. I would love some time with you.   I don’t know how you feel about me God but I feel like I’m never enough. Even when I try my best, I end up short.  … Read On

Chin Up Strong One

It sucks to be the strong one. You are the shoulder to cry on, the good listener, the wise counselor, the steady rock for those around you. You serve others when you’re exhausted. You help out when everyone else has walked away. You get there early and stay late. You work when your body aches.… Read On

Sunrise Poem

The sun is setting in a world As it rises in mine today There they have pain of loss Here I have a brand new day Darkness is a memory In this place full of light The golden streets and friends of the past Such a refreshing sight They mourn for me back at home… Read On

Make Monday Better: 4 Ideas for Happier Mondays

  Monday blues got you down? Does the thought of Monday ruin your Sunday night? Do you fantasize about weeks without Mondays? Do you find yourself angry with the world before the day even begins? Are you tempted to “accidentally” staple your fingers just to get out of this dreaded day of work? Take heart friend! Put down that… Read On